Are you looking for a way to increase the satisfaction of your members?

Would you like to see your holiday budget stretch further?

Are you a business looking to increase traffic?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then The Ambassador Card is the right membership for you.

Building your membership value with The Ambassador Card

The key to success in business today is loyalty and The Ambassador Card is the perfect way to build a loyal staff, customer or member base. By providing the member benefits and savings at The Ambassador Card you will build the relationship to your stakeholders throughout the course of the year not just when they interact with you. The Ambassador Card helps you build the relationship to staff, suppliers, members and customers when they are dining with friends and family, watching the latest release movie and when on holidays.

The opportunity to remind people of the value of their relationship to you every time they open their wallet is invaluable.

How it Works

Buying a membership for someone to The Ambassador Card allows you to market to them through customised memberships. The options include:

  • Level 1 Standard Membership – a member card embossed with your recipients name and your company name.
  • Level 2 Customised Card – by incorporating a custom designed member card you can further enhance your relationship with members. The card can then be used as a member or identification card to maximise exposure and return on investment.
  • Level 3 Wholesale Membership – when buying memberships to The Ambassador Card in bulk (500+) it makes sense to combine your information with a Member Handbook and build your brand with your member. You can include information such as – Calendar of Events, key information regarding your membership, other member services and benefits etc to make your Ambassador Card Member Handbook the only information your member needs all year. You can even reward sponsors, suppliers and supporters of your organisation with ads at the front section of the Member Handbook. To complete the package a custom designed Member Card is also included.

What better way to build the loyalty to your organisation than by helping your member, customer, client or staff save money every time they dine out, go to the movies or go on holidays!

Table of Savings

Look at the savings

An overview of potential savings that can be made through the Customer Rewards Program.

Service Before Discount After Discount Saving
4% Discount
$300 / week =
$15,600 / year
$15,600 $14,976 $624
5% Discount
60 Litres / week
x 2 cars ...
120 Litres / week
6,240 Litres / year
@$2.00 per Litre
$12,480 $11,856 $624
Family Holiday
Average 35% Discount
Attractions & Food
$5,000 $3,250 $1,750
Cinema Tickets / Entertainment
35% Discount
$1,000 / year
$1,000 $650 $350
Dine out twice per month
spending a total of $200.
Save $25 / visit = $50 / month
$2,400 $1,800 $600
Total $36,480 $30,732 $5,748

Try it out yourself!

Enter your approximate spend to find out how much you will save with The Ambassador Card.

Everyday Expenses* Monthly Spend Monthly Savings Yearly Savings
Dining Out
Movie Tickets
Beer, Wine & Spirits
Clothes and Accessories
Homewares and Electronics
Health and Beauty
Gifts and Presents
Annual Expenses* Annual Spend    
Car Hire
Car Servicing
Total Potential Saving*

*The numbers shown are estimates of potential savings per month and/or per year with The Ambassador Card based upon the nominated spend for each category. Actual savings will depend upon individual circumstances, including actual spend and usage of The Ambassador Card benefits. The discounts for each category vary. 1% credit card fee may apply to some credit card transactions. Physical cards and tickets will incur a delivery fee. The Ambassador Card benefits are accessed via a variety of methods including discounted gift cards and vouchers, show and save and promotion codes.

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