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Blueprint Body (The)
Blueprint Body (The)

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Blueprint Body (The)

The Blueprint Body is a Nutrition and Training program to lose weight, get fit and tone up; across five ‘Body’ types, tailored for men and women.  With 4 or 12 week programs available, we are not a typical ‘diet’ but support you with everything you need to find 'the blueprint' to the best version of you. We provide meal plans and training from only 3 days per week, as well as guides to teach you about food and nutrition. Best of all, we are your Coaches, available for personal support (unlike celebrity programs or eBooks!) to achieve your goals. With an online delivery mode, we have members Australia-wide and across the globe, and we're also available face-to-face at North Head Fitness in Manly, in Sydney NSW. 

Join now online, and get ready to build a blueprint body!

Phone 0405 441 775
Address North Head Fitness
Building 61, North Head Sanctuary,
North Fort Road,

Manly NSW 2095

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